PEX Plumbing Tools

There are different kinds of tools available to help you to work with PEX. Generally, these tools come in a combined package for a variety of price tags depending on the brand. List of PEX Plumbing Tools Let’s take a look at all the PEX plumbing tools that you may need during installation. PEX Crimp …

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Types of PEX Connections

PEX pipe supports many types of connections. These connections let you connect PEX to PEX, copper, PVC and other pipes. Different Types of PEX Connections Here are the most common types of PEX connections that you can use for your plumbing system. Crimp Connection: It’s the most used connection in PEX piping. In this connection, …

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Types of PEX Pipe

PEX pipes are available in 3 categories. Yet, those category doesn’t define its quality, rating, and standard. Those state the manufacturing process of the pipe. Different Types of PEX Pipe Here’s all 3 types of PEX pipe in details. PEX-A: It’s made by the Engel method. That means it’s the highest uniform and flexible PEX …

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How Tight Can I Bend PEX?

As we know, PEX is made from networks of cross-linked polyethylene. These polymer networks are arranged uniformly which makes the pipe tougher and highly flexible. Due to its flexibility, we need fewer connections and installing is much faster than metal or rigid plastic. But you can’t bend PEX pipe as much as you wish. There …

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Why is PEX Plumbing Bad?

Although there are lots of positive sides of using PEX for your plumbing system, there are some negative sides too. Everything has pros and cons, PEX is not different. We discussed a lot of good things about PEX plumbing. Now let me tell you some of the bad things about PEX plumbing so that you …

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How To Install PEX Pipe

How to Install PEX Clamps

Tool & Material Requirements PEX pipe PEX cutter PEX cinch clamp tool PEX cinch clamps Step 1 Cut PEX pipe at right angle leaving a clean edge according to your need. Remove burrs from the edge. Step 2 Slip the cinch clamp over the pipe and insert fitting into the pipe. Step 3 Use the …

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