Best PEX Cinch Clamp Rings – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

PEX clinch clamp rings are a great alternative to crimp rings. The clamp rings do the same things, providing a 360-degree watertight seat. But many would give clamp rings a shout-out because it’s easy to use.

You can easily install clamp rings with a single clamping tool. And you can use either screwdriver or the clamping tool to uninstall the ring.

Here’s we have listed the best PEX cinch clamp rings for PEX plumbing. Take a look at them and, find the best one for you.

Best PEX Cinch Clamp Rings

Here is our list of the top 5 best PEX cinch clamp rings for your next PEX plumbing project.

  1. SUPPLY GIANT QYLU-DS34-70 Oetiker Style Pinch Clamps Pex Cinch Rings
  2. SharkBite-Oetiker UC953CP100 PEX Barb Clamp Rings
  3. IWISS PEX Stainless Steel Clamp Cinch Rings
  4. PEX GUY PEX Stainless Steel Cinch Oetiker Style Pinch Rings

PEX Cinch Clamp Rings Reviews

Pexflow Oetiker Style Pinch Clamps Pex Cinch Rings Review

Pexflow Oetiker Style Pinch Clamps Pex Cinch Rings

The Oetiker PEX clamp cinch rings are one of the best. It’s completely stainless and corrodes resistance. It’s compatible with 1/2″ PEX pipe and fittings. However, this clamp cinch rings can work with any PEX brands. It has 2 interlocking rings that will form a great water right seal. Those rings are perfect for connecting the PEX to crimp type connections. Additionally, you only need a single 1/2″ clamp tool for all sizes of camp rings. So, it’s a real convenience if you use this clamp rings for your plumbing projects.

SharkBite PEX Barb Clamp Ring Review

SharkBite PEX Cinch Clamp Ring

Here are the PEX clamp rings from SharkBite. With the quality of SharkBite, you would get a great clamp ring. This clamp ring set is compatible with 1/2″ PEX connections. It’s easy and time-less to crim any clamp ring on PEX fittings. Those clamp rings are stainless and durable as well. So, you can use this clamp rings on different types of applications. As a proof of quality, they have passed different certifications. However, you can install and remove those clamp rings with chance tools. This mechanism works great even if you are in thing spaces. So, check out SharkBite PEX clamp rings with the pack of 100 pieces.

Iwiss PEX Clamp Cinch Rings Review

Iwiss PEX Stainless Steel Clamp Cinch Rings

This is IWISS PEX stainless clamp cinch rings for PEX piping. Those rings are extremely safe for hydronic radiant heating and potable water usage. These clamp rings are rustproof. So, you can use it any places you want. According to the certification it has got ASTM F2098 on the list. However, installing IWISS PEX clamps are hassle-free. You can also easily remove the clamp rings with the help of a screwdriver. Those features make this clamp rings perfect for all types of PEX pipe and fittings. If you have any plumbing project to go on, consider this pack on your list.

PEX GUY Cinch Pinch Clamp Rings Review

PEX GUY Stainless Steel Cinch Pinch Clamp Ring

The PEX GUY clamp rings are a quality product within its low price range. You can use this clamp rings on any branded PEX pipe easily. Also, you can use a cinch or pinch tool to cramp it over the PEX pipe. It has certification of ASTM Standard F2098. It’s completely safe and durable to use for drinking water supply. However, you can’t use this clamping ring for the PB tube. Also, these PEX Guy clamp rings are manufactured to the SDR-9 PEX standard. So, overall it’s a great stainless clamp ring to go for. Take this and use it on your PEX plumbing. You would get no leakage for a long period.

Clamp tools are great for secure water-tight connection. As it’s easy to cramp even in awkward places. A great set of clamp rings will boost your productivity on any type of PEX project. Make sure that you are using the right tools and techniques. So, it would be a great PEX connection that will sustain almost forever.

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