Best PEX Clamp Tools

Best PEX Clamp Tools

Clamps rings are extremely easy to use on PEX. But it needs perfect PEX Clamp tools to work. If it isn’t a solid one, you may struggle. The optimum tool will make your work done quickly.

Here I have listed best PEX clamp tools that will work like charm. With those tools, I will disclose an important side of each one. So, let’s start the roundup.

Best PEX Clamp Tool With Reviews

iCrimp PEX Cinch Tool

iCrimp PEX Cinch Tool with Removing function
This is a big and strong PEX cinch tool that can work on 1/2 inches and 3/4 inches clamp tools. It’s a universal tool, which means it can work with any branded stainless clamp tool. Also, it’s compatible with all types of PEX tubing. In this clamp tool, you will get a clamp chinch tool and remover. With this iCrimp PEX chinch tool package, you will also get PEX cutter. To help you get started this pack will also offer you 20 pieces of 1/2 inches and 10 3/4 inches clamp rings. To operate the tool, you may have to apply some muscle power. It has a large handle to leverage the pressure on the clamp tool.

Apollo PEX Pinch Clamp Tool

Apollo PEX Stainless Steel Pinch Clamp Tool
It’s a branded PEX pinch clamp tool from Apollo. It comes with black color with yellow stripes in two handles for better visibility. This PEX Pinch clamp is suitable for working on Oetiker pinch clamps from 1 inch to 3/8 inches. For PEX piping, it suites with Apollo PEX brands. However, this tool is easy to use and cinch the clamp ring on PEX. Therefore you will get a calibrating kit to calibrate it before start using. Make sure you have tightened the screw so that your clamp rings get placed properly.

IWISS PEX Cinch Clamp Tool

IWISS PEX Clamp Tool
As IWISS makes creat sorts of PEX tools, this one no exception. This heavy-duty IWISS PEX Chinch clamp is perfect for 1 to 3/8 inches clamp rings. The big advantage of this tool is easy usage. It has the body of the original steel and solid smooth handle. Most of the time you don’t have to calibrate the tool. However, you will get a calibration tool witch will give if your tool is properly calibrated or not. Most of all, you can work with all branded chich clamp tool to set on PEX tubing and fittings.

IWISS Ratchet Clamp Cinch Tool

IWISS Ratchet Clamp Cinch Tool
Here comes IWISS again. This one is a bit longer and featureful. It works with 1 inch to 3/8 inches chich clamp rings. The tool comes with built-in ratchet technology. That means the tool won’t release until you punch the tool on the ring completely. This makes sure that you have clinched the ring perfectly. You don’t need calibration to start working on projects. As this tool is for multipurpose, you can use it on other applications also. The tool can work with all the brand’s clamp rings. A must-have tool in your bucket list.

PEX clamp tools are great to join PEX fittings and other pipes. A convenient Clamp tool is easy to use and clamp rings. Those tools can also remove rings if required. So, make wise decisions on choosing best PEX clamp tools and it will save you from other headache on your project.

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