Best PEX Crimp Rings – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Crimp rings are the core of any PEX connection. They provide tight grip to PEX pipe over the barb fittings.

A good crimp ring will save you lots of time and money as well. So, choosing a PEX crimp ring is very crucial.

Top 5 Best PEX Crimp Rings

Here’s we have sorted out the best 5 PEX crimp to use. Check out our top list and choose the one that suits you the most.

  1. SharkBite PEX Pipe Crimp Ring
  2. IWISS PEX Pipe Crimp Copper Rings
  3. SUPPLY GIANT Pex crimping rings
  4. PEX GUY Copper Crimp Rings
  5. XFITTING Copper Crimp Ring

PEX Crimp Ring Reviews

It’s up to PEX connection method that what type of ring you need. Here is our review of top PEX crimp rings. All are great quality crimp rings.

1. SharkBite PEX Pipe Crimp Ring Review

SharkBite PEX Pipe Crimp Ring for Plumbing Fittings

It’s a quality PEX crimp ring from Skarkbite. If you want low cost and high-quality crimp rings, it would ideal. The selected pack comes with 100 ring pieces. It has copper as a material and it’s made in the USA. It’s equally perfect for usages in residential, commercial and industrial projects. For the best performance, you can use this with Sharkbite PEX tools and fittings. You don’t have to calibrate the Sharkbite PEX tool when you use it on SharkBite PEX crimp rings. Overall, its a great crimp rings with great consistency.

2. IWISS PEX Pipe Crimp Copper Rings Review

As a crimp copper rings, IWISS’s rings are always up to the mark. Those rings meet the ASTM F1807 and F1807 standards. Also, IWISS crimp copper rings work with almost any PEX pipe brands. So, it would be a hassle-free plumbing project all the time. You should make sure that the copper ring is aligned in 90-degree and that’s it. This pack will give you 36 pieces that will work great with 1/2″ inch PEX pipes. It would be a great option to save those for future projects.

3. SUPPLY GIANT PEX Crimping Rings Review

Here’s another good PEX crimp ring that is equally strong and durable. The crimp rings are from PexFlow. These crimp rings will provide you complete 360-degree watertight protection. You can use it to connect PEX to barb fittings, valve, and manifold. The PEX crimp ring and the tool lets you check it with Go-NoGo gauge. However, the distance between the end and edge of the pipe should be around 1/8 to 1/4 inches. So, if you use these crimp rings, this will give you total satisfaction on your plumbing projects.

4. PEX GUY Copper Crimp Rings Review

Here’s another great copper crimp rings from PEX Guy. These PEX crimp rings are copper and it can work with 3/4″ PEX pipes. The rings are made with original copper. So, it’s durable to work with any projects. The rings are certified in ANSI 61 and other standards. However, you should only use these crimp rings with PEX SDR-9 piping. Also, make sure that you are not using it with the PB tube. Besides those, you will get great service years after years. Just take it and crimp it over the PEX pipe and fittings.

5. XFITTING Copper Crimp Ring Review

Those are the 1/2″ PEX compatible crimp rings from XFITTING. It’s a great copper crimp ring with a black oxidized surface. This ring is specially made for potable water and hydronic heating applications. It has also the certification of ASSE 1061 for industry usages. The crimp rings are easy to use in underground or behind the wall. Also, you don’t need access panel to work with he XFITTING copper crimp rings. So, it would be a very sensible decision to go for XFITTING crimp rings.

Final Verdict

So, these are the best crimp rings to go for. All of them are really quality and durable crimp rings for PEX pluming.

These will surely provide you great product if you use it with the right crimping tools. If you have the right tools and rings, your PEX plumbing would be seamless.

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