Best PEX Crimp Tools

Best PEX Crimp Tools

Crimping makes your PEX connection works. It’s easy to do but you will need a proper tool to get started. Without a quality crimp tool, it would take a long time to complete.

In this roundup, I will cover all the top PEX crimping tools outside. With those listed, I will also mention details that set beneath every tool. So, let’s jump out.

Best PEX Crimp Tool Reviews

IWISS PEX Pipe Crimping Tool

IWISS PEX Pipe Crimp Tool Kit
It’s a quality IWISS PEX pipe crimping tool kit with all you needed. This crimping tool can work on 1-inches PEX pipes. But, you can place extra crimp heads for other sizes of PEX pipes. With this crimp tool kit, you will get crimp head for 3/8, 3/4 inches PEX pipes. The handle is a bit long but it can give you great leverage over your crimp ring. Because of a long handle, you can face difficulties to use the tool in tight spaces. So, you can go for the short handle version of the IWISS PEX crimp tool.

Apollo PEX Multi-Head Crimp Tool

Apollo PEX Multi-Head Crimp Tool Kit
The Apollo PEX Crimp tool comes with extra leverage technology. It’s a tool kit that can crimp your 1-inch PEX pipes. With the crimp tool, you will get 3 crimp heads of 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inches. Don’t go with the picture, you will get the toolkit with a nice-looking container box. This Crimp toolset also comes with Go-NoGo gauge. Wich will or show if your crimping is correct or not. or not. When you push the tool on a crimp ring, always try to use your two arms. As the handles are big, make sure you have proper preparation before start using.

SharkBite PEX Crimp Tool

SharkBite pex tubing crimp tool
SharkBite! it’s a quality brand on the PEX industry. The crimping tool is no exception. The Sharkbite PEX tool is suitable for crimp copper rings. With two built-in slots, it can crimp two different types of crimping rings. Using this tool, you can crimp 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch PEX connections. You will also get Go/NoGo guige for testing purposes. The product is made in the USA with durable material. This crimp tool is quite big. It would be tricky to work on tight spaces. The grip of this tool is enough comfortable to use. SharkBite PEX crimp is perfect for any kind of PEX fittings.

Zurn Multi-Head Copper Crimp Tool

Zurn Steel Multi-Head Copper Crimp Tool
The Zern copper crimping tool is a solid weapon to start your project. This tool has material of steel, which is so durable. You can crimp a wide range of PEX pipe using this tool. By-default this crimping tool can work with 1/2, 3/8 and 5/8 inch rings. You would get replaceable crimp heads for each size of rings. Please, remember, this tool can’t work on chinch rings. This toolkit also comes with a crimp ring remover and Go/NoGo gauge. You’ll get all those quality tools in a compact plastic box. The Zurn Stell copper crimp toolset is enough to leverage your PEX plumbing projects.

IWISS Angel PEX Pipe Crimping Tool

IWISS Angel Combo PEX Pipe Crimping Tool
IWISS is another reputable brand for PEX crimping solution. This is one of the most useful crimping tools out there. It’s made with heavy material to sustain for a long time. This crimping tool has two holes in it, one for 1/2 inches and the other one for 3/4 inches. You will get a PEX cutter tool so you don’t have shot it again. There are also 30 pieces of crimp rings to use. 20 of them are 1/2 inches rings and the rest 10 are 3/4 inches rings. Most of all, this crimp tool has a unique angle to work on. This lets you set up a crimp connection in hard-to-reach spaces.

Pexflow PEX Crimp Tool

Pexflow PEX Crimp Tool
This PexFlow crimp tool is perfect for stainless still clamp rings. You can use PEX clamp rings of 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and 1 inch. Use it on any branded crimp tool, and it would work fine. The center pressure mechanism of the tool lets you complete the crimping very fast. The auto-release feature releases the pressure when you clinch the ring. The grip of the tool is solid as the PEX flow crimp tool is small in size and easy to use. Unlike other sets, the PEXFlow Crimp tool comes with all instruction that you will need.

Deciding the crimping tool will impact your project a lot. My tip is to, observe your projects and PEX piping. Once you figure out, the PEX joints of your project, chose the one that will make you work a lot quicker.

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