Best PEX Fittings

Best PEX Fittings – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

PEX Fittings are extremely essentials to make a strong and revolutionary PEX pipe connection.

As PEX piping has done an excellent job on many applications. Without the highly flexible PEX fitting, it won’t be possible.

Here I will talk about in detail about PEX fittings and all related things.

So, you will know in-depth detail about PEX fittings. So here are we start the round-up on best PEX fittings.

Best PEX Fittings with Reviews

Best PEX Elbows

Elbows (PEX x PEX)
Elbows (PEX x Copper Fitting)
Elbows (PEX x Copper Pipe Elbow)
Elbows (PEX x Male Threaded Elbows)
Drop Ear Elbows (PEX x FPT)
Swivel Elbows (PEX x FPT)
Tees (PEX x PEX x PEX)
Couplings (PEX x PEX)
Plugs (PEX x Stop)

PEX Adapters

Adapters (PEX x Copper Fitting)
Adapters (PEX x Copper Pipe)
Adapters (PEX x MPT)
Adapters (PEX x FPT)
Swivel Adapters (PEX x FPT)
Adapters (PEX x PVC/CPVC)
Copper Crimp Rings
PEX Cinch Clamps
Repair Kits (PEX x PB)


The PEX pipe has become one of the most demanding pipe systems on any application. Thus, PEX fittings are also chosen for any PEX connection on any project. Whether it’s plumbing related or not, PEX fitting gets used everywhere. The fitting stays the same regardless of what the application is.

Here’s all the application that PEX fitting gets used so often:

  • Residential Water Distribution: PEX application is mostly popular in water distribution applications. The PEX fittings are ideal for water-related connections. They can easily supply water through the PEX pipes without any leakage at all. Therefore there’s much less chance of any kind of water noise. Although, the flexible appearance of PEX turns down the need for fittings when needed PEX fittings just work fine.
  • Radiant Heating: radiant heating is a popular choice in cold areas. That being said, PEX is the one-stop choice for any radiant hydronic heating system. The PEX fittings work best with the manifold to supply evenly hot water into the lines. Most of the time the PEX fittings works find that it won’t provide any leakage or problems after installing.
  • Residential fire protection: This is a life-saving application that also relies on PEX piping. Likewise, PEX fittings are crucial in this type of project. The PEX pipe helps the application to provide continued water flow to the sprinkler. The fittings mostly work on the manifold section. however, to join the sprinkler and the PEX tubing we also need solid PEX fittings.
  • Outdoor Snow Melting Machine: PEX fitting is also important in outdoor snow melting machines. In this type of application, the PEX pipes get laid under the selected outdoor surface. Pipes are connected with manifold that will provide the hot water. The PEX fittings connect the main underground PEX pipes to the manifold. The PEX fittings make sure that every section joint with each other perfectly.
  • Natural Gas and Oil Transportation: natural oil transportation is another underdog application of PEX piping. The fittings also work great in the system as they connect each phase. Those types of projects need much diverse and better fitting material as it has to go through different kinds of lines.
  • Electrical and Fiber Optic Cable: As the PEX piping has a great insulating factor, it can carry inner material quite safely. The thick plastic layer makes sure that inner property is out of conduction. Because of this feature, it gets used on electrical and fiber optic cable insulation. However, the PEX fittings get installed at the starting and end of each path. Without proper fittings, that application can fail in a short period.
  • Sewage and Slurries: The PEX fittings can also work with sewage and slurries to transport it one end to another. The PEX pipe and fittings are best to carry liquid through them. So, sewage and slurries are another application that has the use of PEX fittings.
  • High-Pressure supply: PEX fittings can also service high-pressure supply. Although they can sustain a mid-level pressure, they are not built for high-pressure supply. So, if you are going for high-pressure supply, use other fittings.

So, those are the application of PEX fittings. These PEX fittings are flexible and they can work on a variety of projects.


The PEX fittings have lots of advantages over traditional PVC and CPVC fittings. PEX fittings are by far the better choice for almost every project. Due to it’s all advantages, they are one of the best pieces to work on.

Here are the advantages of PEX fittings over traditional fittings:

  • Reduce Costs: The PEX connection requests less amount of PEX Fittings. So, the PEX fittings turn down the total cost of the project. Also, the PEX fittings provide a secure connection that doesn’t get lost easily. So, it won’t provide any leak shortly.
  • Flexibility: There are different kinds of fittings available for different purposes. That gives you great flexibility. On the conventional system, you would only get one type of fittings. In PEX connection you can use any type of fittings according to your need.
  • Easy to Install: The PEX fittings are easy to use. You just have to cut a 90-degree cut and attach the fittings. You can use any kind of connection and it would work fine. It’s easy once you know the process.
  • Don’t react to chemicals: Unlike other fittings, PEX fittings don’t react to any kind of chemicals. It means those fittings won’t get correction due to water supply. It also doesn’t get affected by chlorinated water. So, PEX fitting is perfect for residential chlorine included liquid.
  • High and Freeze Temperature: PEX fitting can operate in the high temperate situation. It can also serve a cold season. Due to this reason, PEX fittings get used on several plumbing projects.

So, those are the advantage of PEX fittings. Overall, PEX fittings provide a great range of facilities which makes them perfect for any kind of project.

Types of PEX Fittings

There are different types of PEX fittings depending upon the need of the particular project. Every type of fittings has it’s own benefit and lacking.

Here are all the PEX fittings that are available to use:

  • Brass Fittings: The most common and popular PEX fittings are Brass fittings. As most of the PEX connection gets used in water supply lines, brass is an ideal material for those tasks. Brass fittings don’t corrode to long term water supply. Almost every PEX brass fittings are lead-free and perfect for potable water supply. Those fittings can work with copper and stainless clamp rings and available to variable sizes.
  • Copper Fittings: Although it’s not the most used, copper fittings are also available for any kind of PEX connections. Generally, copper fittings are as durable as brass fittings. However, they can be a little bit of head conductive. The copper fittings also have their usage around the industry.
  • Custom Plastic Fittings: Besides brass and copper there are also custom plastic fittings. Often those fittings are manufactured by different PEX pipe companies. Those custom fittings can be different from each other. Some plastic fittings only work on some particular PEX pipe brands. So, before using a custom plastic fitting, check if it supports your current PEX piping.

So, those PEX fittings you can use on your PEX connections. Although the brass fittings are the favorite, you can go for other fittings if needed. Before getting a PEX fittings to make sure that every fitting is up to the standard.

Connection Methods

PEX fittings get connected with four different methods. Each method gives around the same grip, the connecting methods that make a difference. You can follow any of the following methods depending upon your situation.

Here are the connection methods that you can use to connect PEX fittings with your PEX piping:

Copper Connection

In this connection methods we use copper rings to create a strong grip of PEX pipe over the fitting. Those copper rings are crimp rings. You have to use a crimping tool to properly crimp it over the PEX pipe.

Stainless Steel Connection

Here we use stainless steel clamp rings to create a water-tight connection with PEX pipe and the fittings. The clamp rings are comparably easy to use with the clamping tools. You just have to position the clamping tool over the extended area and press hard. It’s also easy to remove the clamped ring using the same tool. This connection method is another reliable way to create a watertight PEX fitting connection.

Expansion Method

In the expansion method we use an expanding tool to expand the inner width of PEX piping. After expanding the PEX pipe, then we insert PEX fitting into the expanded area. Then we tap a plastic ring over the overlapping area of PEX pipe and fittings. That’s how we can use the Expanding method on any kind of PEX pipe.

Push-to-Connect Method

Those type of connection system only works on custom PEX fittings. Those custom fittings come with a built-in stiffener. So, you just have to grab the fitting and insert it into the edge of the PEX pipe. Make sure that your PEX pipe edge is 90-degree clean cut. After inserting the PEX pipe into the fitting, the built-in stiffening system will grip the PEX pipe automatically.

So, those are the expansion methods you can go for on your PEX projects. However, copper and stainless steel rings are cheaper ways to go. And the custom Push-to-Connect method is the cost option. So, it’s all up to you on choosing the connecting method you want to go for.

These are the things that you should know about PEX fittings. As PEX fittings are versatile in their usage, the fittings are no more different. Those fittings can be used on any kind of plumbing projects. Additional, there are also project-oriented fittings available. So, there is huge flexibility in using PEX fittings.

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