Best PEX Manifolds

Best PEX Manifolds

Without a solid manifold, your PEX connection would fall apart.  The manifold is the main backbone of your PEX piping destruction. That’s why choosing a perfect manifold is crucial.

In this PEX review, we will introduce you 5 best PEX Manifolds to use. Depending upon your budget, application, chose any of the Manifold and start your project!

Best PEX Manifolds

Apollo PEX Manifold

ApolloPEX PEX Manifold
This is Apollo PEX Manifold with slightly different configurations. Here you will have 14 equal cold and hot ports. However, by default, it’s a PEX-B Manifold, but you can also use PEX-A. All ports come with shut-off valves, letting you control supply lines with just one push. This PEX Manifold can work with 1/2″ PEX supply pipes. It’s perfect for home fixtures, radiant heating, and other applications. This manifold will give you better water control and lower costs. However the space between each valve is tight, so you must use it with proper caution.

CMI PEX Manifold

CMI PEX Manifold for Radiant Floor Heating
Here’s the CMI PEX Manifold with 12 Loop system. It’s easy to use and durable PEX manifold that can easily work with 1/2″ PEX piping. This manifold comes with a built-in flow meter at both ends. It will let you inspect the real-time pressure measurement on the manifold. You can use this manifold for applications like radiant heating, water distribution, and others. It’s really strong and corrosion-proof. Also, this manifold comes pre-assembled so you don’t have to assemble the set after purchasing. Just mount it on the wall and connect your PEX distribution line to the Manifold.

VIVO Pex Manifold

VIVO Pex Manifold for Stainless Steel Radiant Floor Heating
Here comes the VIVO PEX Manifold with stainless stell. In this Manifold, you will get 12 Loops for water distributions. It works with 1/2″ PEX piping. However, if you have 3/4″ inches PEX pipes, you can use an additional adapter. Each loop comes with a water supply meter and you can control it easily. Please remember that this Manifold is spacially made for radiant heating and not for potable water supply. Also, this VIVO manifold does not support Sharkbite PEX pipes. Except for those, it’s a great Manifold to control your water supply lines.

Viega PureFlow PEX Crimp Manabloc

Viega PureFlow Zero Lead Poly Alloy PEX Crimp Manabloc
It’s a durable and perfect PEX manifold fixture to use. The Viega PureFlow manifold is well constructed to use with 1/2″ PEX piping system. You can easily use this set for hot & cold water supply in your home or radiant heating. This manifold has around 24 ports in wich, 15 cold and 9 hot ports. It has a cold water supply line at the bottom. And at the upper part, you will get two ports to connect with the heater. However, the manifold is corrosion free and chlorine resistance. It has a bunch of lots of features to get you total comfort.

SharkBite Closed Copper PEX Manifolds

SharkBite Closed Copper PEX Manifolds
This SharkBit PEX Manifold comes with 8 closed ports. All of the ports are 1/2 inches in size. The mode of the manifold is built with lead-free copper, which is suitable for potable water usage. The manifold also has a horizontal 3/4 inches inlet. The manifold has closed ports and you can supply water through it. You can easily use a crimped PEX connection over the ports. However, this Manifold doesn’t offer you pressure testing. If you need one-dimensional usage, this manifold would be your best bet.

A great Manifold would delight your PEX water supply system. Get the right one and mount it on the wall. Then connect it to your PEX piping and that’s it.
Some PEX manifold comes with built-in flower meter and some don’t. Consider your PEX application and see if you need a manual one or a flow control system. Cheers.

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