Best PEX Pipe

Best PEX Pipe

PEX pipe has replaced the traditional piping system. It’s flexible, strong and noise-free. There’s so much benefit that we can’t sound it at once.
Here I will show you the top 5 PEX pipes that you can go for. Along with that, I will necessary details for pipes. Check them out and find the best PEX piping solution according to your requirements.

Best PEX Pipe Reviews

Happybuy PEX Tubing

Happybuy PEX Pipe
First, it’s Happybuy PEX pipes. This is a pure cross-linked polythene pipe with proper configuration. It’s a PEX-B category pipe with industry standards like ASTM and others. This pipe comes with indicators on its body within 5 meters. The red pipe refers hot, blue refers to cold and white indicate neutral. If you want to use it as potable water, go for the non-oxygen barrier. In cases of hydronic heating, chose the oxygen barrier PEX pipe. The Hppybuy PEX pipe comes with two(blue and red) color 100ft rolls. The inside diameter is 0.485″ and outside is 0.625″. It’s a PEX pipe you can trust, even after installing it on your project.

Pexflow PEX Pipe

Pexflow PEX Tubing
The Pexflow PEX pipes are one of the quality PEX pipes. It’s a PEX-B pipe available for portable water supply and radiant heating applications separately. The pipe has markings after each 5 meter, making it easy to use. The inside diameter of this PEX pipe is 0.475″ and outside is 0.625″. Pexflow PEX pipe is completely tested and meets several quality standards. The pipe has an internal memory coil and it can flex up to 90-degree. It supports both crimp and cramps fittings to suits your plumbing projects. This PEX pipe bundle comes with red and blue 100ft roll. Overall it’s a perfect set of PEX piping to start your project with.

SharkBite PEX Tube

SharkBite PEX Tube
The SharkBite PEX tubing is one of the well-branded PEX fixtures to use. It’s vastly used in different kinds of PEX piping applications. This set of SharBite Pex tube is suitable for potable water usage. It has marked on its body to guide you when using Push-to-connect fittings. The PEX pipe is highly corrosion resistance making it perfect for water usage. This PEX pipe package comes in red, blue and white individually. Each of them features a single 100ft PEX pipe roll. The color is here to indicate if the supply line is for hot or cold water. However, white stands for neutral supply. It would be a great PEX pipe supply if you use it properly in your applications.

CMI Pex Tubing

It’s CMI PEX tubing set each separate bundle. However, this PEX piping set is 1/2″ and comes with oxygen and in-oxygen barrier. You can use the 2 sets of a red and blue non-oxygen barrier for potable water supply. both colors have 100ft of piping. On the other hand, if wants PEX pipe for radiant heating, then go for a non-oxygen barrier. It comes with 1 set of 100ft red PEX pipes. With CMI Pex bundle you will get a PEX cutter free. So, overall it would be convenient if you chose to go with CMI PEX tubing.

VIVO Pex Tubing

VIVO Pex Pipe
The VIVO PEX tubing is one of the finest working fixures. It’s a 1-inch PEX pipe that comes separately in red and blue. You can choose either of them depending upon your water supply temperature. However, this PEX tube can work with any type of connection from any brand. You can bend the pipe up to 90-degree without any effect. The pipe has a coil in it that makes it a durable PEX pipe. It’s corroded and chlorine resistance. The mentioned PEX tubing package is specially made for drinking water supply. It can easily work on residential, commercial and industrial occasions as well.

A good quality PEX tubing can save your lots of maintenance cost and time. PEX is a new but reliable piping solution for water supplies. But you must select a quality PEX pip for better performance. Chose the one that fits into your budget and works best in all situations.

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