How Tight Can I Bend PEX?

As we know, PEX is made from networks of cross-linked polyethylene. These polymer networks are arranged uniformly which makes the pipe tougher and highly flexible. Due to its flexibility, we need fewer connections and installing is much faster than metal or rigid plastic. But you can’t bend PEX pipe as much as you wish. There are certain limitations.

How Tight Can I Bend PEX?

Before bending any PEX pipe, you have to understand the PEX bend radius.

PEX Bend Radius: To know the minimum bend radius, you have to multiply the pipe size ten times (PEX Pipe Size x 10 = PEX Bend Radius).

PEX Pipe SizeMinimum Bend Radius

So, you have to measure appropriate length before bending you PEX pipe.

Note: Make sure the bend is uniform. Otherwise, there will be disturbance in water flow and resulting in rupture or burst of the pipe.

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