How To Install PEX Pipe

How to Install PEX Clamps

Tool & Material Requirements
PEX pipe
PEX cutter
PEX cinch clamp tool
PEX cinch clamps

Step 1

Cut PEX pipe at right angle leaving a clean edge according to your need. Remove burrs from the edge.
cut pex pipe

Step 2

Slip the cinch clamp over the pipe and insert fitting into the pipe.
Pex fitting and cinch clamp insertion

Step 3

Use the cinch tool to close the clamp ear. When the clamp is fully engaged, the tool will auto release.
Way to use cinch clamp tool

Step 4

Connection is done. Now pressure test the tubing and inspect before use. Repair the total process if there are any leaks.

Product used in this tutorial is iCrimp PEX Cinch Tool. You can buy it from here.

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