iCrimp PEX Cinch Tool with Removing function

iCrimp PEX Cinch Tool (In-depth Review)

PEX Cinch tool is a mandatory tool that can cinch any clamp rings over PEX pipe. This type of mechanics works well with air and water supply lines, specially for hot and cold water supply. Among all the PEX Cinch tool, iCrimp PEX Cinch tool is a great one to mention. It has all the ability to work as the best PEX cinch tool can do. Here, we will show you the in-depth review of this amazing tool kit.

iCrimp PEX Cinch Tool – Quick Overview

Item Weight1.32 lb
Capacity3/8″ – 1″
Standard SpecificationASTM F2098
PriceCheck Price

iCrimp PEX Cinch Tool Review

Firstly, this iCrimp tool is a strongly built PEX cinch tool. It’s easy to use and clinch any stainless PEX clams rings. It’s universal in it’s built, that means you can use it on any branded clamp rings.

iCrimp PEX Tool Cinching and Removing function

In this clamp tool, you will get options to cinch and remove the clamp rings both works as the same mechanics. So, you don’t have to follow other techniques for the same type of task.

The clinching tool of iCrimp (owned by IWISS), is a bit short in length. You may have to put some strength to cinch any clamp rings over Pex piping. However, the small size makes it a compact tool to carry.

Cinching Stainless Steel Clamps

As it is a compact-sized tool, you can easily carry it in a small spaces. Also, it’s not that heavy. But it’s strong enough to cinch and remove the ring properly.

Removing Stainless Steel Clamps

According to its material, the tool is made with forged metals. Yes, it’s a durable and heavy-duty cinch tool that can service a rush project times. With its metal body, it can provide you a productive work.

It’s quite easy to use as it has a compact mechanism. You just have to put the tool on the right spot. Then just press and hold on the handle strongly. The ring will get clamped on the PEX pipe.

However, you may need another hand while you press the handle of the tool. Because the PEX pipe becomes unstable when you grip the tool on the clamp ring. So, if possible request someone to hold the PEX pipe while you cinch the clamp tool.

The tool pack comes with a cinch tool, a PEX pipe cutter, 10pcs 3/4 inch clamp ring and 20pcs 1/2 inc clamp rings to get started.

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