PEX Plumbing Tools

There are different kinds of tools available to help you to work with PEX. Generally, these tools come in a combined package for a variety of price tags depending on the brand.

List of PEX Plumbing Tools

Let’s take a look at all the PEX plumbing tools that you may need during installation.

  • PEX Crimp Tool: This is the most used tool for PEX plumbing. It simply lets you crimp any copper crimp or clamp rings on the pipe. The crimper tool comes with two default categories. The first one will offer you interchangeable crimp heads to work with all kinds of crimp rings. And the other one is specially made for clamp rings. And you can use one tool to press all sizes of clamp rings.
  • PEX De-Crimper tool: You can easily remove the crimp rings using a de-crimper tool. Place the tool on crimp rings and press hard. Then you can remove the ring. Yet, you can still use the fitting.
  • PEX Expander Tool: It is used in the expansion method fittings. It expands the PEX sleeves to insert fittings and seal the rings over it.
  • PEX Cutter Tool: This tool lets you cut PEX pipes with the proper angle. You must cut the pipe correctly, before inserting the fitting.

Whether you are a DIYer or professional, these tools are great to work on PEX plumbing projects. The price can vary according to the manufacturer. But, can go for kits that come with all those tools including crimping rings.

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