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Was ancient Rome a democracy or republic?

Ancient Rome was initially a monarchy, but it transitioned to a republic after the death …

Ancient Rome Democracy Republic

Did ancient Mesopotamia have mountains?

Mountains may not have been present in ancient Mesopotamia, but the region was home to …

Ancient Mesopotamia Mountains

How was yogurt made in ancient times?

In ancient times, people would milk cows to produce yogurt. The milk would be collected …

Yogurt Ancient Times

What is a basilica in ancient Rome?

The term "basilica" is derived from the Latin word basilica, meaning "royal palace." Basilicas were …

Basilica Ancient Rome

What is an ancient Greek marketplace called?

A marketplace in ancient Greece was called an agora. Agoras were the center of political …

Ancient Greek Marketplace Called

What kind of food did the ancient Egypt eat?

The ancient Egyptians ate a variety of food, including meat, poultry, fish, grains, and vegetables. …

Kind Food Ancient Egypt Eat