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What are the exceptions to the parol evidence rule?

The "parol evidence" rule is a legal principle which states that a contract cannot be …

Exceptions Parol Evidence Rule

What happened with Ja Rule and the Fyre festival?

Ja Rule and the Fyre Festival are a classic example of a business gone wrong. …

Happened Ja Rule Fyre Festival

Why was Ja Rule not charged?

It's actually not that complicated. Ja Rule was not actually charged with anything. The indictment …

Ja Rule Charged

What is the rule of dividing polynomials?

In order to simplify a polynomial equation, it is customary to divide it by the …

Rule Dividing Polynomials

How long did Porfirio Diaz rule Mexico?

Porfirio Diaz ruled Mexico from 1876 to 1911. During his time as president, Diaz oversaw …

Porfirio Diaz Rule Mexico

What are the rules for archery?

There are a few basic rules for archery that everyone should know. First, the bow …

Rules Archery

What are the rules for NFL practice squad?

There are a variety of rules that apply to NFL practice squads. Here are the …

Rules Nfl Practice Squad