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What is a fruit scientific definition?

A fruit is a type of edible fruit that is typically eaten as part of …

Fruit Scientific Definition

How do you convert scientific notation to standard notation?

In scientific notation, numbers are written in a way that makes them easier to read …

Convert Scientific Notation Standard

What is the importance of the scientific method in psychology?

The scientific method is one of the most important tools in psychology. It is a …

Scientific Method Psychology

Can a scientific theory be disproved?

Yes, a scientific theory can be disproved. This means that it could be shown to …

Scientific Theory Disproved

Does the scientific name of an organism indicates its domain?

The scientific name of an organism is a unique identifier that reflects the scientific classification …

Scientific Organism Domain

What are the greatest scientific discoveries?

There are innumerable discoveries in science, but some of the most notable include: the theory …

Greatest Scientific Discoveries

What is an example of scientific theory?

A scientific theory is a model of the natural world that scientists use to explain …

Scientific Theory

What is the scientific name for maggot?

The scientific name for maggot is "Lepidoptera." Lepidoptera is a group of insects that includes …

Scientific Maggot

What must happen for scientific theories to be accepted as valid?

In order for scientific theories to be accepted as valid, they must be able to …

Happen Scientific Theories Accepted Valid