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How do you care for succulents in a terrarium?

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Succulents are a great choice for a terrarium because they need very little water and they can handle low light levels. When you first get your succulent, you will want to water it thoroughly and then place the pot in a cool, dark place. Once it has rooted, you will want to water it once a week, using a weak solution of water and fertilizer.

To care for your succulent, you will want to make sure that the terrarium has good air circulation. To do this, you can remove the top of the terrarium and place a screen over the opening. You can also use a fan to create air circulation.

To keep your succulent happy, you will want to provide it with a moist environment. To do this, you can mist the succulent occasionally with a spray bottle filled with water and diluted fertilizer. You can also place a damp cloth over the pot.

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