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How do you change the oil on a Toro Recycler 22?

Best Answer:

You’ll need a Toro oil filter, oil, and screwdriver.

1.Remove the oil filter by unscrewing it from the engine.

2.Place the oil filter in a bowl or a container so that you can discard it properly.

3.Remove the oil cap and pour the required amount of oil into the engine.

4.Thread the screwdriver into the oil filler hole and unscrew it.

5.Remove the oil filler pipe.

6.Remove the oil pan.

7.Locate the engine oil filter and remove it.

8.Clean the engine oil filter and the engine oil pan.

9.Install the new engine oil filter and the engine oil pan.

10.Screw the oil cap back on and replace the oil pan.

11.Replace the engine oil and replace the engine oil filter.

12.Start the engine and check the oil level.

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