Types of PEX Connections

PEX pipe supports many types of connections. These connections let you connect PEX to PEX, copper, PVC and other pipes.

Different Types of PEX Connections

Here are the most common types of PEX connections that you can use for your plumbing system.

  1. Crimp Connection: It’s the most used connection in PEX piping. In this connection, we use a copper crimping ring to make a connection with PEX or other pipes. First of all, input the crimp rings into the pipe and insert the fittings. Now crimp the ring on the pipe using PEX crimping tool. That’s it.
  2. Clamp connection: The clamp connection uses a clamp ring to secure the fittings. It’s a bit cheaper choice over a crimp connection because the Clamp rings very cheap and easy to use. Now insert the ring over PEX and fit the fittings. Take the PEX crimping tool and press it on the clamp ring. It will provide you compelling watertight-seal like, crimp connection.
  3. Expansion Method: This method works with an expansion tool to make connections. Here you have to insert a plastic crimping ring on the PEX pipe. Then take the expansion tool and insert it into the pipe. Once you expand the pipe up to the mark, set the fitting into PEX. Finally, move the already inserted plastic ring over the fitting area.
  4. Push-Fit Method: It’s the easiest PEX connection to go with. Primarily, insert the push-fit fittings over PEX pipe and you will be good to go. This will give you full water leakage protection. You can use the removing kit to remove the push-fit fittings.

Along with these, you will also find the compression fitting connection. But, this connection costs more than standard PEX fittings. That’s why it doesn’t get used that often.

So, these are the PEX connections that you can use in your PEX plumbing system.

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