Types of PEX Pipe

PEX pipes are available in 3 categories. Yet, those category doesn’t define its quality, rating, and standard. Those state the manufacturing process of the pipe.

Different Types of PEX Pipe

Here’s all 3 types of PEX pipe in details.

  1. PEX-A: It’s made by the Engel method. That means it’s the highest uniform and flexible PEX pipe in the market. It’s known as the best quality pipe and cost more than other categories.
  2. PEX-B: This PEX pipe made of the Silane method. It’s the latest invention of PEX piping. It’s a little bit less flexible than “A”, but costs much lesser. Also, it has built-in memory coil that helps it get into the original shape after bending. It’s a recommended pipe for residential and water supply usage.
  3. PEX-C: This type of PEX pipe is the result of Electronic Irradiation. So, it’s the less flexible PEX pipe and does not have a built-in coil memory function. But, it’s suitable for short time usage and where you don’t have to bend the pipe but much cheaper than the other types.

By the way, there is another classification of PEX pipe depending on the oxygen barrier. They are two types according to this classification. One is the Oxygen barrier used in the heating system. And the non-Oxigen-barrier PEX pipe used in the hot and cold water supply.

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