PEX Advantages

What Are The Advantages of PEX?

Plumbing is the most important part of our daily life. PEX plumbing system is quite new to our society but has a significant impact on our daily life.

The full form of PEX is High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE). It has become the most popular piping system for various types of applications. It has several advantages over other pipes.

It was first invented in Europe around 1968. After around a decade, it came to the USA and the usage of PEX pipe has blown up since then.

Now, it’s get used for resident water supply, radiant heating, temperature-based water supply. Also, it gets used in high-voltage electricity pipe insulation.

After all, not to mention that PEX also works well in sewage/wastewater supply. The natural gas transportation is another odd usage of this piping system.

Advantages of PEX Plumbing

Let’s discuss the advantages of PEX pipe over other traditional pipes.

  • PEX pipe is durable and flexible. Due to its flexibility, it can be bent up to 90-degree and more. So, you can install them without cutting into pieces and using less elbow connection.
  • Weigh less and easy to transport with minimal costs.
  • The PEX pipe doesn’t need many fittings like other pipes.
  • It can be merged with existing copper or PVC connection easily with fittings.
  • PEX doesn’t carry heat too much and preserves the energy in the pipes.
  • The pipe doesn’t get rusted with long usage. Also, it won’t create unwanted layers inside.
  • Water flows faster with little sound in PEX pipes so that noise you will hear is less than the usual water supply lines.
  • With blue and red coloring anyone can detect the hot and cold supply line. There is another colored pipe labeled white for neutral supply. Read more about the types of PEX pipes.
  • PEX can bear a high-temperature supply up to 120 °C without any effect.
  • It expands when the water freezes inside the pipe. When the water goes back to normal, the PEX pipe goes into the original position. This avoids pipe-freeze breakage.
  • Unlike other pipes, PEX has the ability to prevent corrosion and holes.

So, it’s clear that PEX piping has great usage around the industry. It works far better than alternatives like PVC, CPVC, and copper piping. Due to its easy installation, PEX is popular among beginners and professionals.

Needless to say, it’s the new generation piping system. And it’s the future.

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