Why is PEX Banned in California?

No doubt PEX is an excellent choice for radiant heating and cooling systems, domestic water piping, and insulation for electrical cables. In USA, people has started using PEX in the early 1980s. Since then it has tested by the various national testing laboratories for safety and durability. It is included in all of the major model plumbing codes used in the CSA, BOCA, ICBO, IAPMO, IPC, SBCCI and NSPC.

Why is PEX Banned in California?

No, PEX is not banned in California. It was banned in California before 2010. Since then PEX is allowed to use for plumbing in California.

It was banned by California’s Building Standards Commission because there was a concern that some chemicals may leak from the pipe into the water. So, the authorities of California banned the PEX thinking that it may cause unnecessary exposure to chemicals or carcinogens which may lead to dangerous effects.

But after testing in various national laboratories, authorities found that the PEX pipes are completely safe. Now PEX is legal in California and you can use it safely in your plumbing pipework system. For more information contact your local plumbing authority.

Q. How long has PEX been legal in California?
PEX is legal in California since 2010.

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