Why is PEX Plumbing Bad?

Although there are lots of positive sides of using PEX for your plumbing system, there are some negative sides too.

Everything has pros and cons, PEX is not different. We discussed a lot of good things about PEX plumbing.

Now let me tell you some of the bad things about PEX plumbing so that you can take the necessary measures to minimize them as much as possible.

Why is PEX Plumbing Bad?

To use PEX for any system, you have to be certain where to use and where not to. Let me make a list of why PEX plumbing is bad so that you can go through each of them easily.

  • You can’t use PEX in outside as it is highly susceptible to UV light.
  • PEX is semi-permeable. So, the toxic liquid can easily get inside and contaminate the water.
  • PEX can tolerate up to 125° F. So, you can’t use it in high heat areas or directly connect to the water heater.
  • Water can be contaminated with bacteria easily as PEX is not antibacterial like copper pipe.
  • If your home is also a place of mice, then you have to be careful because mice love to chew it and can go through it.

Despite the bad sides, PEX is loved by plumbers and house owners. You can check our other FAQs and articles to learn more about PEX.

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